Friday 27 March 2015

Sri Rama Navami Invitation

Lord Rama

The Supreme Personality of Godhead incarnated Himself as Sri Rama, accepting the sonhood of His pure devotee Maharaja Dasaratha, the King of Ayodhya. Lord Rama descended along with His plenary portions, and all of them appeared as His younger brothers. In the month of Caitra on the ninth day of the growing moon in the Treta-yuga, the Lord appeared, as usual, to establish the principles of religion and to annihilate the disturbing elements. When He was just a young boy, He helped the great sage Visvamitra by killing Subahu and striking Marica, the she-demon, who was disturbing the sages in their daily discharge of duties. The brahmanas and ksatriyas are meant to cooperate for the welfare of the mass of people. The brahmana sages endeavor to enlighten the people by perfect knowledge, and the ksatriyas are meant for their protection. Lord Ramacandra is the ideal king for maintaining and protecting the highest culture of humanity, known as brahmanya-dharma. The Lord is specifically the protector of the cows and the brahmanas, and hence He enhances the prosperity of the world. He rewarded the administrative demigods by effective weapons to conquer the demons through the agency of Visvamitra. He was present in the bow sacrifice of King Janaka, and by breaking the invincible bow of Siva, He married Sitadevi, daughter of Maharaja Janaka.

After His marriage He accepted exile in the forest for fourteen years by the order of His father, Maharaja Dasaratha. To help the administration of the demigods, He killed fourteen thousand demons, and by the intrigues of the demons, His wife, Sitadevi, was kidnapped by Ravana. He made friendship with Sugriva, who was helped by the Lord to kill Vali, brother of Sugriva. By the help of Lord Rama, Sugriva became the king of the Vanaras (a race of gorillas). The Lord built a floating bridge of stones on the Indian Ocean and reached Lanka, the kingdom of Ravana, who had kidnapped Sita. Later on Ravana was killed by Him, and Ravana's brother Vibhisana was installed on the throne of Lanka. Vibhisana was one of the brothers of Ravana, a demon, but Lord Rama made him immortal by His blessings. On the expiry of fourteen years, after settling the affairs at Lanka, the Lord came back to His kingdom, Ayodhya, by flower plane. He instructed His brother Satrughna to attack Lavnasura, who reigned at Mathura, and the demon was killed. He performed ten Asvamedha sacrifices, and later on He disappeared while taking a bath in the Sarayu River. The great epic Ramayana is the history of Lord Rama's activities in the world, and the authoritative Ramayana was written by the great poet Valmiki.

(Srimad Bhagavatam 1.12.19)

College Student's visit Jaipur Temples

We went by bus doing Kirtan

Doing Sankirtan along the roads

Spiritual Discussions

Shri Shri Radha Govind Devji

Huge crowd for darshan of Shri Shri Radha Govind Devji

A closer look

Sankirtan goes on....

The Deities of Lord Kalki

The scar on the rear-left leg is recovering as the Kali Yug is passing and will be completely recovered when Lord Kali will appear

Krishna Katha continues..

Prasadam Time

Shri Shri Radha Vinodi Lal Ji

Students enjoying and dancing

Entrannce to Jagat Shiromani Temple

The deities of Lord Krishna and Mirabai at Jagat Shiromani Temple

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Where is Hell?

In the Western countries where there is no sun, it is hell, simply hell, simply hell without sun. All the condemned countries are devoid of sunlight. This morning we were speaking that London, it is without sunlight practically throughout the whole year. Long ago, in 1969, in the television, the television man asked me that "Where is hell?" and "It is here in London." (laughter) That was published in the paper. There is such a... And always dark and always moist and always so cold. So this is hell. Why you have to search out hell? Here is hell. Simply you bring money from outside, exploiting others, and construct big, big building. It is little attractive. People come here as tourist. Otherwise who comes here to see the hell?

(Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.28.21 -- Nairobi, November 1, 1975)

Saturday 21 March 2015

'There is no need of examination.'

Indian lady: May I ask one question? I'm running my own school in Hosharpur, and it starts to A-class, and I want to convert it into gurukula. How I can make arrangements for the books and the examination or the students can take Welley (?) certificate and examination from recognized book? We should make something.

Prabhupada: Running on...? What is that school?

Indian lady: All kind of school, English-speaking.

Prabhupada: But if you have to work under government regulation, then you cannot do it. You won't get government help.

Indian lady: But I want to convert it into gurukula on the basis of Hare Krsna consciousness.

Prabhupada: Our gurukula means how to teach them to become self-controlled. That is first business. This literary education secondary, grammar secondary. The first necessity is how to create them santa, danta, self-controlled.

Indian lady: But we have got from Punjab Board and education board...

Prabhupada: And therefore I say, if you have to work under government control, it is very difficult. If you can work independently, then it is possible.

Indian lady: It is independent. I'm independent. I'm doing everything.

Prabhupada: No, if you take government help...

Indian lady: But the students go for examination in the board also.

Prabhupada: Examination or no examination, if you, they practice the rules, that is sufficient examination. Suppose one of the items, that one has to rise early in the morning... So if one is rising early in the morning, then what is the examination? That is already examined. If one has to rise early in the morning, attend the mangala-arti, sitting in the class and reading Bhagavad-Gita, chanting Hare Krsna... These are all practical. There is no need of examination. If he is doing, then it is examination passed.

Indian lady: But the parents want certificate.

Prabhupada: Therefore, if you want to satisfy the parents, the government, then it is not possible. You have to satisfy Krsna.

Indian lady: They have to go in colleges.

Prabhupada: I know that. Therefore I said that if you have to satisfy so many masters, it is not possible.

Dr. Patel: At the most she can give some sort of a cultural education along with those programs.

Prabhupada: What that cultural...? If he does not practice, what is that culture? It is practice.

Dr. Patel: Practice in Bhagavad-Gita and practice..., in the subjects.

Prabhupada: What is the use? They will produce that, such blind leaders.

Dr. Patel: They will not produce so bad leaders perhaps. At least they will have a little better understanding than those fools who have no background of religion at all. Well, your schools, so-called secularism, means no religion.

Prabhupada: Therefore we have to follow the sastra. Then it will be possible. Brahmacare gurukule...

Indian lady: Christian has their own government schools everywhere. And we can have our own Krsna consciousness school.

Prabhupada: Yes. We are having our own all over the world. We don't follow the government regulations

Indian lady: The Christian... [break]

Room Conversation, January 5, 1977, Bombay

Tuesday 17 March 2015

The Hare Kṛṣṇa movement is also an incarnation of Kṛṣṇa..

Srila Prabhupada: "The Hare Kṛṣṇa movement is also an incarnation of Kṛṣṇa in the form of the holy name (nāma-rūpe). Every one of us who is actually afraid of the asuric rulers and politicians must welcome this incarnation of Kṛṣṇa: Hare Kṛṣṇa, Hare Kṛṣṇa, Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa, Hare Hare/ Hare Rāma, Hare Rāma, Rāma Rāma, Hare Hare. Then we will surely be protected from the harassment of asuric rulers.
At the present moment these rulers are so powerful that by hook or by crook they capture the highest posts in government and harass countless numbers of people on the plea of national security or some emergency. Then again, one asura defeats another asura, but the public continues to suffer. Therefore the entire world is in a precarious condition, and the only hope is this Hare Kṛṣṇa movement.
Lord Nṛsiṁhadeva appeared when Prahlāda was excessively harassed by his asuric father. Because of such asuric fathers—that is, the ruling politicians—it is very difficult to press forward the Hare Kṛṣṇa movement, but because Kṛṣṇa has now appeared in His holy name through this movement, we can hope that these asuric fathers will be annihilated and the kingdom of God established all over the world.
The entire world is now full of many asuras in the guise of politicians, gurus, sādhus, yogīs and incarnations, and they are misleading the general public away from Kṛṣṇa consciousness, which can offer true benefit to human society."
(Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 10 - 'The Birth of Lord Krsna', Chapter 3, Text 21 Purport)

Monday 16 March 2015

Why does Krsna have an external energy?

Girl devotee:
Why does Krsna have an external energy?

Prabhupada: Why not? First of all say why not? What is your objection?

Girl devotee: Well, if He is pure, everything about Him is pure...

Prabhupada: He is pure. He is pure, always pure. Suppose you are very nice girl, nice, but because you pass some urine or stool, does it mean that you are bad? Does it mean? Then? The urine may be bad, the stool may be bad, but because you passed urine or stool, you are not bad. Is it clear? Krsna has got this external energy. That does not make Krsna bad. Try to understand it. If somebody asks, "Oh, you are so nice girl, nice... Why you are passing stool and urine?" Is that any argument? I am just speaking on the argument's sake. Is that any good argument, that "Because we are very good, we shall not pass stool or urine"? Or "Because you are very good, therefore your urine and stool also will be very good"? Is that any argument? So similarly, if Krsna has created this external energy, that is for His satisfaction. That's all. But why should you take? If we are confident about Krsna's goodness, why should we bother about Krsna's stool and urine? Why not directly Krsna? Let Krsna pass any amount of stool and urine. We have nothing to do with that.

Lecture-Day after Sri Gaura-Purnima -- Hawaii, March 5, 1969

Thursday 12 March 2015

Devotees visit Hare Krishna Village

Devotees planted various trees and flowering plants in HKV

                                                        A top view of Hare Krishna Village

The newly built cottage

Freshly prepared land for various crops

 The setup for go-ark

The setup for extracting sugarcane juice using bulls

Cute and Beautiful Calves

'Dharma', a bull of our Bhaktivedanta Goshala 

Bullock Cart Ride

Devotees exploring the hills around Hare Krishna Village

Beautiful scenery around Hare Krishna Village

A general discourse on Varnashrama

Prasadam Distribution