Thursday, 6 February 2014

Is Krsna your father's servant ?

Bhargava: ... allow the Muslims to enter and do so much damage to the Vedic culture?

Prabhupada: Hm?
Bhargava: Why did Krsna allow the Muslims to enter and do so much damage to the...

Prabhupada: Krsna is your father's servant that you do something wrong and Krsna has to check it? Is your Krsna your father's servant? Then why do you ask this question? If you allow somebody to cut your head, has Krsna to come to save you? Why do you ask this nonsense question? You are Krsna conscious. Samo 'ham sarva-bhutesu. If you cut your own head, what Krsna will do? In the same term, nationalism, as Vedic culture is Krsna's national affair, your disease is there. Why Krsna will come to save the Vedic culture? What business He has got? If you are spoiling it, then why Krsna will come? Spoil, and suffer. (break) ... the same question in a different way, "Why India? Why Krsna?" as if Krsna is Indian. Krsna is Indian? Then why do you ask this question, that "Krsna will come to save India's culture?"
Bhargava: Not the Indian culture but the Vedic culture, Krsna's culture.

Prabhupada: Vedic culture, He has given, Bhagavad-gita. Why don't you accept it? You don't accept; then suffer. He has given His instruction. The government gives you the law. Now, when you violate, the government will come to stop you? You violate and suffer. Why do you expect that "When I violate the laws, the government men will come and stop me?" Why do you expect like that? Eh? The government can give you the law book. You consult and do accordingly. You'll be happy. And if you don't, against, the government man is not coming to stop you. You do and suffer. Krsna says, "Whenever there is discrepancy, I come." That is general, not for India. Vedic culture is not for India. It is for everyone.

Morning Walk  --  Durban, October 13, 1975 (New-2003)

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