Tuesday, 6 August 2019

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Anything fresh, that is full of vitamin. Grow fresh, take fresh.

- Room Conversation -- August 3, 1976, New Mäyäpur

Thursday, 1 August 2019

If you become naturally conditioned, then that is your happy life.

Yogeśvara: There's a theory of the psychologists that—in some ways it's similar to our idea—that people are conditioned, that according to their environment, according to their upbringing, according to their parentage and so on, they have a kind of way of acting and thinking. So their argument is that Kṛṣṇa consciousness is just another kind of conditioning, that you leave one kind of conditioning, a material conditioning, but then you also enter into another kind of conditioning when you live in the temple.

Prabhupāda: Yes. That is conditioning, certainly. The position is that you must be under certain condition. That is your position. So if you become conditioned by God, that is your perfection. And if you become conditioned by māyā, that is your trouble. You must be conditioned. That is your position. You cannot be independent. And therefore, if you become naturally conditioned, then that is your happy life. Just as child, he must be conditioned. But when he is conditioned by his parents, that is his perfection of life. Your position is that you must be conditioned. Why you are thinking to be independent? That is your rascaldom. You should always know that "I must be conditioned. That is my life." Mahātmānas tu māṁ pārtha daivīṁ prakṛtim āśritāḥ [Bg. 9.13]. Condition. Still conditioned, but daivīṁ prakṛtim āśritāḥ, under the spiritual nature. That is Mahātmā. Mahātmā is not independent. He is also conditioned. So first of all, we must understand that our natural position is to be conditioned. Now, why, where I shall be conditioned? Therefore Kṛṣṇa says, sarva-dharmān parityajya mām ekam [Bg. 18.66]. You condition here. "You become conditioned by Me. Then you will be happy." Those who are thinking that "We shall not be conditioned," they are still in māyā. You cannot be without condition.

nityo nityānāṁ cetanaś cetanānām
eko yo bahūnāṁ vidadhāti kāmān
 (Kaṭha Upaniṣad 2.2.13)

So that one God is supplying the necessities of life. That is His condition. Suppose you are giving me all necessities of life. Then it is, the best part of my valor is to live under your control. That's all. I cannot be independent. It is not possible. That is the wrong philosophy, that these rascals are thinking of complete independence. That means they are becoming more and more conditioned by this material external energy.

 Morning Walk -- June 5, 1974, Geneva

Monday, 3 June 2019

Srila Prabhupada Analogy

The great and typical Vaishnava Philosophy was made easy to understand by Srila Prabhupada with some day to day life analogies. Here we are presenting his famous analogies.
For more such analogies please visit : https://bit.ly/2W6nnJn

Vaishnava Calendar: June 2019

Download Link: https://bit.ly/2Mh94ly

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Village Preaching Program : 26th May 2019

Village Sankirtan and Preaching Program at Lawaan Village in the disrrict of Bassi, Rjasthan. Hundreds of people joined us for the village-street sankirtan & the lecture afterwards.
The deities were installed in a new temple and there was a devotional and festive mood throughout the village.Inspite of so much heat burstig out from the sun, people enthusiatically joined us for the sankirtan which was more than 2 hours long. They also sat patiently to hear the lecture & katha which was followed by procession around the temple.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

"That also is difficult."

Akṣayānanda Swami: Of course we accept, ah, when you tell us to chant sixteen rounds, we accept that figure as being, in perfect faith, that you're the ācārya, but ah, what if others we wanted to convince, is there any, any ah, śāstr... Is there any Vedic verse we can refer to to corroborate that at least they must chant sixteen rounds. Or that many number of names?
Prabhupāda: No. In the śāstra it is not said like that...
Akṣayānanda Swami: I see.
Prabhupāda: It is said, śaṅkhy-pūrvakaḥ...
Akṣayānanda Swami: Śaṅkhy-pūrvakaḥ.
Prabhupāda: You must fix up.
Akṣayānanda Swami: Counting.
Prabhupāda: You must fix up in numerical strength.
Akṣayānanda Swami: I see.
Prabhupāda: Whatever you can.
Akṣayānanda Swami: Yes.
Prabhupāda: But I have fixed up sixteen rounds, because you cannot do.
Akṣayānanda Swami: That's all we can do.
Prabhupāda: (smiling, touch of irony) Yes. That also is difficult.
Akṣayānanda Swami: Yes. (laughing)
Prabhupāda: Otherwise, Haridāsa Ṭhākura was chanting 300,000. So, That is not possible. You should not imitate, but whatever you fix up you must do.
Akṣayānanda Swami: Yes. Yes.
Prabhupāda: That is wanted.
Akṣayānanda Swami: Yes. I was told in the beginning you asked the first disciples to chant 64 rounds?
Prabhupāda: Yes. I asked them to chant 32?
Prabhupāda: (grinning) Hm.
Akṣayānanda Swami: Is that correct?
Prabhupāda: Śaṅkhy-pūrvaka nāma-gaṇa-natibhiḥ. Śaṅkhya purva, or numerical strength must be there. And you should follow rigidly.
Akṣayānanda Swami: So if, if we are serious and sincere, it means that that sixteen will increase to, ah, to continuously chanting.
Prabhupāda: You can do also now. It's not that because I've finished sixteen rounds...
Akṣayānanda Swami: No.
Prabhupāda: You can increase. But that sixteen must be finished.
Akṣayānanda Swami: Yes. (pause) What I mean is, that's to bring us to the platform of chanting constantly. That at least we do that numerical number, finally we may be able to do, if we're fortunate to chant constantly day and night.
Prabhupāda: Yes.

 Morning Walk -- December 11, 1975, Vṛndāvana

Monday, 8 April 2019

"Please close your eyes."

Rādhā-vallabha: So this police officer he pulled us over. He was very angry. He said, "Let us see your license and registration." We gave it to him, and it said International Society for Kṛṣṇa Consciousness on the registration. He said, "Oh, Kṛṣṇa." And he asked us some questions about the philosophy, and he listened very carefully, and then he said, "I cannot give people like you a ticket." [break]

Prabhupāda: ...they are pleased, but don't take undue advantage. Yes. [break] ...remain friends. That is wanted. [break]

Rādhā-vallabha: When they arrest us we read to them out of Kṛṣṇa Book, the pastimes, and they listen the whole time. And sometimes for an hour and a half, two hours, they'll listen to us while we preach. Then they let us go. [break] Sometimes we are about to make an announcement to collect donations and the police officer will be standing there like this, like he doesn't want us to do it. And we go up to him and say, "If you don't look, we'll go ahead and collect and pass out magazines," (Prabhupāda laughs) He will say, "All right."

Prabhupāda: "Please close your eyes. (everyone laughs) Let us do something." [break]

 Morning Walk -- June 26, 1975, Los Angeles

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Vaishnava Calendar : March 2019

"Anyone who wants the ultimate perfection of life they should worship Caitanya Mahaprabhu."
Download the Desktop Vaishnava Calendar: March 2019.
Gauranga Mahaprabhu Theme Special.

Saturday, 9 February 2019


Hare Krishna to all the devotees. 
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

For the last 15 years  Hare Krishna Community Jaipur have been serving and preaching as per the  instructions of His Divine  Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. We are successfully running a farm community project (Hare Krishna Village) where we have natural farming, Goshala, Gurukula and a temple. We are also running many successful preaching centres in the city of Jaipur and there are good numbers of students and congregational devotees associated with us. We have also had success preaching in the villages around Jaipur.

Here at HKC Jaipur we accept Srila Prabhupada as the only Diksha guru. We read and distribute Srila Prabhupada’s original books, and devotees here are listening to Srila Prabhupada’s audio recordings throughout the day.

We strongly deny and condemn all the baseless allegations made against  devotees of our community by Tim Lee (PADA) over the last 5 years. Whatever Tim Lee is writing against devotees of HKC is totally false. We do not know who is Bhakta Dasa, what to speak of being his followers. We have no connection with ISKCON GBC or any self-appointed guru. We do not promote any ISKCON guru’s programs and we have never, ever threatened Tim Lee (PADA) as he keeps saying we have. He even accuses us of involvement in events that took place many years before HKC Jaipur even existed.

Tim Lee (PADA) started writing all these falsehoods against us in 2014 after we published articles online about the deviations of ISKCON Bangalore and their misconduct here in Jaipur.
If Tim Lee continues to make libelous statements about HKC devotees on his blogs, YouTube, FaceBook, etc. we will be pursuing legal action.

To know more about us and our projects,  you can visit www.harekrishnacommunity.org

Prahlad Das has visited our community a few times as a guest but has no position here. He is not "our senior man" as Tim Lee says, and as far as we know, whatever Tim Lee is writing about Prahlad Das is also false. We have seen no evidence to suggest there is truth in any of it.

We are completely focused on our various preaching activities, and imposing such allegations on us is just a desperate and foolish attempt to malign the image of our Hare Krishna Community.

Thank you, Hari Bol,
HKC Jaipur Devotees

Friday, 18 January 2019

”This is expert”

"Expert means whatever he is doing, he must do it very nicely That's all. Suppose you are sweeping this room. You can do it very nicely, to your best knowledge. That is expert. The people will say, 'Oh, you have very nicely done.' Any work you do, do it very nicely. That is expert. Don't do it haphazardly. To your best talent, to your best capacity, try to finish it very nicely, whatever it may be. You are entrusted with some work. Do it nicely. That is expert. If you think that you are unable to do that work, then whatever work you can do, you take. But do it nicely. That is expert. Don't imitate. 'Oh, I have no capacity to work in that way, but I want to...Read More.