Friday, 31 March 2017

If you are going to die, then you can take

Haṁsadūta: George Bernard Shaw. Prabhupāda: Yes. So they are becoming animals, animals eating animal flesh. Bernard Shaw was vegetarian. Devotee (6): Except he would take liver for his health. Prabhupāda: Liver? Devotee (6): Yes. He used to take some liver periodically for his health. Prabhupāda: Medicine. There are many liver extract preparations. Devotee (6): No, not liver extract. Maybe. I don't know exactly. But I know he used to take liver. Not cod liver oil or anything. Prabhupāda: No, liver extract preparations there are many medicines. For anemic patient liver extract is recommended. Devotee (6): That's all right for us to take? Prabhupāda: No, but if you are going to die Read More

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