Friday, 5 February 2016

We have to introduce this Varnashrama-dharma

"In big scale you cannot make all of them brahmanas or sannyasis. No. That is not possible. This is small scale. What percentage of people of the world are we attracting? Very insignificant. But if you want to make the whole human society perfect, then this Krishna consciousness movement should be introduced according to Krishna’s instructions—if you want to do it in a large scale for the benefit of the whole human society. Now we are picking up some of them, the best. That is one thing. But Caitanya Mahaprabhu said para-upakara. Why only a certain section should be picked up? Let the whole mass of people get the benefit of it. But then it is required to be systematic. THEREFORE, WE HAVE TO INTRODUCE THIS VARNASHRAMA-DHARMA. It must be done perfectly. IT IS POSSIBLE, AND PEOPLE WILL BECOME HAPPY."

(Mayapur, February 14, 1977)

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