Tuesday, 9 February 2016

"Preya and Sreya"

Nihsreyasa. Sreya. Sreya means ultimate good. There are two things: preya and sreya. Sreya means ultimate good. If you act in such a way that ultimately you actually become happy, that is called sreya. And if you want immediately some happiness -- never mind what it will be in future -- that is called preya. So less intelligent person or children, they want preya. They do not want sreya. A child is playing whole day. He likes it. That is preya. And if you want to send him to school to be educated, he doesn't like. That is sreya, ultimate good. So nobody is interested. Still, the sastra gives us instruction that "You try for this sreya. Don't be captivated by the preya." Preya and sreya. And this sreya, the supreme sreya, is bhakti-yoga. Therefore it is said that etavan eva loke 'smin pumsam nihsreyasa udayah. sreyasa and nihsreyasa. Nihsreyasa means ultimate. Nihsreyasa udayah. As soon as you take to Krsna consciousness, then your ultimate good or ultimate perfection begins immediately.

 Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.25.44 -- Bombay, December 12, 1974

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