Tuesday, 1 July 2014

First of all deserve, then desire.

 Tesam satata-yuktanam bhajatam priti-purvakam [Bg. 10.10]. When Krsna sees that "He is worshiping Me with faith and reverence and love," then buddhi-yogam dadami tam. He'll give you intelligence. He is within you. Therefore I was saying, "First of all become fit. First of all deserve. Then desire." Why foolishly you desire something for which you do not deserve? That is your fault. That is misuse. Don't desire something without being deserving. So these are the process given how to think, how to meditate upon Krsna. So practice it. Become qualified. Then you'll see everything. Without being qualified, why you want to see? This devotional service means practicing how to become qualified.Sarvopadhi-vinirmuktam, sarvopadhi-vinirmuktam tat-paratvena nirmalam [Cc. Madhya 19.170]. You have to become fully cleansed. Tat-paratvena nirmalam. Sarva... What is that? Anyabhilasita-sunyam [Brs. 1.1.11]. We have to become completely zero about material desires. Anyabhilasita-sunyam. Then you become qualified. So long you have got any pinch of material desires, you are disqualified. Krsna says, sarva dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja [Bg. 18.66]. Parityajya means giving up completely, cent percent, no reservation. In this way, surrendered, that is the qualification. Everything is there. No reservation. And Krsna will give you chance: "All right, if you have got still desire for material enjoyment, do it." "I want to become a king." "All right, become a king." Then "I want to become a dog." "All right, become a dog." He gives you both opportunity. And we are doing that. We're doing that. We are rotating throughout the whole universe in different types of bodies just to fulfill our damned desires, that's all. Therefore your first qualification is no desire. Simply desire to worship Krsna. That is qualification. Then everything will be revealed. Buddhi yogam dadami tam. Then everything will come from Him. Chant Hare Krsna.
Devotees: Jaya Srila Prabhupada! (end)

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