Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Useless Race

Useless Race

The useless race so far I ran
I remained there and everything went in vain
I was a great fool and I am still deluded
Never thought of becoming insane

The loads of miseries and the burning expectations
Amidst these my will valued less than pennies
Peace was in rags and life was restless
Works were merely “fruitless” and devotion less

Nevertheless fortune knocked my door one day
It was a simple hot burning day of May
Someone knocked my door with a book
Asked me to have a look

I said “books” have made me like this
Feeling like dying in absence of water as a fish

He said this will set you free from all grievances
Will place you in a valley of “roses”

I said, “Don’t make a fun of my life”
It is already going down and down towards the endless dark night

Don’t worry, just keep this book for one day
If you don’t like “gifting” is what you may

If you like just get stick to it
When it seems everything drowning just get hold of it
When boredom starts prevailing switch over to it

Start turning the pages when others wind up
Start enjoying it when all other sources give up

He then went away handing me “The Bhagwad Gita-As it is”
It looked like I got the “medicine” for my disease

His words went right and brought me to light
 I still look for him everywhere outside so that he may be found again somewhere as a “Spiritual Knight”

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