Monday, 29 June 2015

Vaishnava Calendar JULY 2015

"Jagat means moving. And Jagat-nätha, nätha means the proprietor, master, proprietor. So Jagannätha means the proprietor or the master of all these movements, He is Jagannätha. And Balabhadra, Balaräma, bala means strength and räma means enjoyment. So Balaräma means who gives you spiritual strength for enjoying eternal blissful life, He is Balaräma. And Subhadrä, su means auspicious and bhadra means well-being. Subhadrä, Jagannätha and Balaräma combined together are present before you to reclaim you all from your miserable condition of life. That is the purport of this Ratha-yäträ Festival." - Srila Prabhupada, Rath Yatra, San Francisco, July 5, 1970.

Vaishnava Calendar JULY 2015


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