Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Actually there is no way

Dayananda: So actually there is no way to become detached.

Prabhupada: The only way is that you become Krsna conscious.

Dayananda: Except through Krsna.

Prabhupada: Yes. Mam eva ye prapadyante. You surrender to Krsna and everything will be clear, just like as soon as the sun rises, everything is clear, no covering. That is our propaganda, that you become Krsna conscious; then you become fully aware of everything. Otherwise you remain rascal, fools, gadha, asses. If you prefer to remain asses, you can do so, but we are servant of Krsna. We must preach real, reality.

Dayananda: Even the jnanis and yogis become...

Prabhupada: What is these jnanis? They are also another rascal, another edition of rascals. Bahunam janmanam ante jnanavan mam prapadyate [Bg. 7.19]. Therefore so-called jnanis, after many, many births' practical realization, they surrender to Krsna. Vasudevah sarvam iti sa mahatma [Bg. 7.19]. Then he understands that Krsna is everything. But such great person is very, very rare. Sa mahatma sudurlabhah, very, very rare.

Dayananda: But what about the persons who may be a little bit devoted but who have not achieved that unalloyed devotion?

Prabhupada: Kanistha-adhikari. They are not devotees, but they are called bhaktabhasa. There is some signs of bhakti. Actually they are not bhakta. Bhaktabhasa. Abhasa. Abhasa means a simple, a little light.

Hrdayananda: So devotee really means one who has love for Krsna.

Prabhupada: Yes, unalloyed, without any condition. Anyabhilasita-sunyam [Brs. 1.1.11], zero, all other, that "I am this, I am that, I am jnani, I am yogi, I am karmi, I am minister, I am king" -- all these are thinking like that, they're all nonsense. "I am servant of Krsna" -- that is greatness. Jivera svarupa haya nitya-krsna-dasa [Cc. Madhya 20.108-109]. That is self-realization, atma-tattvam.

Dayananda: So because that person is very rare, then, I guess, the only way we can possibly know how to become like that is to find one pure devotee and exactly follow that way of Krsna consciousness that he has.

Prabhupada: Hm?

Dayananda: I mean to say that because a pure devotee is so rare, the only way must be to find out a pure devotee and exactly follow.

Prabhupada: Yes. If you try to find out... 

Morning Walk -- February 6, 1976, Mayapura

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