Monday, 16 March 2015

Why does Krsna have an external energy?

Girl devotee:
Why does Krsna have an external energy?

Prabhupada: Why not? First of all say why not? What is your objection?

Girl devotee: Well, if He is pure, everything about Him is pure...

Prabhupada: He is pure. He is pure, always pure. Suppose you are very nice girl, nice, but because you pass some urine or stool, does it mean that you are bad? Does it mean? Then? The urine may be bad, the stool may be bad, but because you passed urine or stool, you are not bad. Is it clear? Krsna has got this external energy. That does not make Krsna bad. Try to understand it. If somebody asks, "Oh, you are so nice girl, nice... Why you are passing stool and urine?" Is that any argument? I am just speaking on the argument's sake. Is that any good argument, that "Because we are very good, we shall not pass stool or urine"? Or "Because you are very good, therefore your urine and stool also will be very good"? Is that any argument? So similarly, if Krsna has created this external energy, that is for His satisfaction. That's all. But why should you take? If we are confident about Krsna's goodness, why should we bother about Krsna's stool and urine? Why not directly Krsna? Let Krsna pass any amount of stool and urine. We have nothing to do with that.

Lecture-Day after Sri Gaura-Purnima -- Hawaii, March 5, 1969

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